Saturday, April 11, 2009

Plants be gone

So I handed off my tomato seedlings last week after repotting them the week prior. I kept a couple to myself and found that the repotting worked fabulously with a little something called alfalfa meal. I used the same crummy soil that was used to grow the seedlings in the peat pots but added about 1 Quart of alfalfa to a 5 gallon mix of soil, while this was probably too much it did the job. The seedlings I kept seem to have responded very well in the last week. Oh I would be skeptical too if I hadn't also tested 2 transplants with the non-alfalfa soil. These malnurished seedlings are still small and weak looking like a little girlie man, to quote our govenator. So using Arnold and my seedlings as proof I can only concluded that suppliments work....natural ones of course.

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